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Performance characteristics of vacuum graphite purification furnace

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Vacuum graphite purification furnace is composed of upper cover, air vent, temperature control layer, insulation layer, heater, air delivery hole, three-phase electrode, which is characterized by the external shape of the graphite powder purification furnace is cylindrical, cylindrical side and the bottom of the outer layer is set with temperature control layer, the inside of the temperature control layer is set with insulation layer, the inside of the insulation layer is set with heater, the lower end of the heater is set with three-phase electrode, The air inlet is arranged at the lower end of the cylinder, the top surface of the cylinder is arranged with an upper cover, and the upper cover is arranged with an air outlet.

Product introduction of vacuum graphite purification furnace:

1, the furnace body is vertical structure, the upper cover, the double-layer water cooling structure, the inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel, the interlayer through cooling water. The furnace body can be vacuumed and the protective gas can be passed into it.

2. The furnace body is equipped with an air pumping interface (used for connecting with the vacuum pump), electrode flange, infrared temperature hole, air outlet, etc. The height of the base in the furnace can be adjusted to adapt to different sensor heights.

3. The furnace cover adopts manual hydraulic lifting and rotating cover opening. The operation is more effortless and convenient than the hand movement. The top of the furnace cover is equipped with an observation hole, a temperature hole and an air inlet. (Manual opening can also be used)

4, the furnace body with insulation layer, furnace crucible. Sensor, corundum.

Graphite powder purification furnace performance characteristics:

1, the use of high temperature, graphitization furnace high use temperature can reach 3000℃, the use of temperature 2800℃. Can complete the task of graphite purification;

2, one tow two standard structure (one set of power supply and two sets of furnace body), special industries can be customized with multiple structures (such as graphite purification industry)

3, high use temperature: 3000℃, common temperature 2850℃, common constant temperature area size (φ600MM×1600MM, φ500MM×1300MM). Can be customized according to customer product requirements of any size;

4, temperature uniformity: ≤±10℃; Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;

5, working atmosphere: vacuum replacement Ar2, N2 protection (micro positive pressure);

6, temperature measurement: imported infrared optical thermometer temperature measurement, temperature range of 1000~3000℃; Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.3%;

7, temperature uniformity: ≤±10℃;

8, safety: automatic explosion-proof valve, water pressure, water flow automatic monitoring and protection;

9, temperature control: program control and manual control; Temperature control accuracy: ±5℃;

10, furnace design fully learn from the design concept of foreign vacuum induction furnace, on the basis of foreign equipment into our company's high temperature furnace production experience, increase the furnace insulation performance and temperature uniformity, reduce the intensity of production labor, refractory materials used in the furnace all domestic, so that the production cost is greatly reduced.

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