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Overview of graphitization Operation of high temperature graphitization furnaces

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The production operation of graphitizing furnace includes loading, power supply, cooling, oven, cleaning, furnace repair and reloading. A cycle is generally 11 ~ 15 days. But the transmission time is only 40 to 100 hours, so that to make full use of the transformer, five to eight furnaces must be used in turn. A transformer and 5 ~ 8 furnaces combined with a variety of operating modes, cycle production, to ensure the continuous operation of the power supply device.

The fixed side wall is generally built with firebrick, and a row of pores should be left every certain interval, so that the flue gas in the furnace core can be discharged smoothly in the process of power transmission. The use of firebrick as side wall, insulation effect is good, the service life is slightly longer, but the cost is higher.

In each group of graphitization furnaces, there is a total of one furnace in energized operation, and the other furnace chambers are respectively in the operation process of charging, cooling, unloading, cleaning and minor repair. Each link must be completed within the specified time, so as to ensure the smooth progress of graphitization production.

Configuration of graphitizing furnace and power supply device

Generally speaking, large capacity stoves have high thermal efficiency, good quality and low energy consumption, but they have large one-time investment and high basic electricity charges. The longer the effective furnace length of the graphitized furnace is, the more economical it is if the transformer capacity, voltage range and unit core power allow. Because the furnace is lengthened, the core resistance is increased, and the corresponding electrical and thermal efficiency is improved. But the furnace is too long, it needs to increase the power of the power supply transformer, and in general, the furnace length is limited by the width of the workshop, the width of the workshop is more than 30 meters, the construction cost of the workshop is high. Production experience has proved that when choosing the capacity of the furnace, it is generally necessary to consider matching the transformer selected. The principles that are often followed are:

(1) Each cubic meter of the core should be guaranteed to have 100 ~ 200 kW power load.

(2) When choosing the furnace for a long time, it is generally necessary to consider the matching of high voltage with transformer Z. Dc graphitization furnace reactance is very small, according to the loading resistance material and the production of different products, the voltage per meter is generally 6 ~ 15 volts.

(3) The selection of graphitized core section mainly depends on the secondary side of the transformer Z large output current, usually according to the core current density to calculate. Production practice shows that the current density of large capacity stoves is generally selected in 1.6 ~ 2.5 amps/cm 2.

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