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Overall Design of Vacuum Dewaxing and Sintering Integrated Furnace

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        The overall design of the vacuum dewaxing and sintering integrated furnace requires dewaxing, pre-sintering, sintering and rapid cooling to be completed at one time. In terms of structure, it is different from ordinary vacuum sintering furnaces in that: a graphite liner is added, and liner doors (covers) are set at both ends of the liner. The low-pressure carrier gas dewaxing process is adopted, and the direction of the carrier gas is furnace→inner tank→wax collection system→vacuum exhaust system. The adhesive (forming) agent steam removed from the product is extracted from the lower part along with the carrier gas, and after the adhesive (forming) agent is separated by the wax collection device, the residual gas is discharged to the atmosphere in various ways. the

          Due to the adoption of the above process, the discharge of the bonding (forming) agent will not touch the cold surface in the furnace, will not accumulate in the furnace, and will not pollute the insulation layer and heating element. Because there is an inner liner outside the product to avoid direct radiation from the heating element, the inner liner in the furnace is made of graphite, which has good thermal conductivity. The action of these two greatly improves the uniformity of temperature.

           In terms of process control, this equipment can be operated automatically and manually. Temperature control adopts temperature process controller. The operation can be carried out fully automatically from dewaxing to pre-burning, sintering and cooling to the temperature of the furnace according to the set program.

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