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Operation method of carbonizing furnace

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Carbonization furnace is a high temperature treatment equipment for carbonizing materials, and its operation method is as follows:

1. Preparation: Check whether the furnace body and heating elements are intact, clean up impurities and residues in the furnace chamber, and ensure that the furnace chamber is clean.

2. Loading sample: According to the required carbonized material, the sample is placed in the appropriate position in the furnace chamber. Pay attention to the placement and spacing of the sample to ensure that the heat can be evenly transferred to the sample.

3. Close the furnace door: Close the furnace door and ensure that the seal is good to prevent the leakage of heat.

4. Set the temperature and time: according to the requirements of carbonized materials, set the appropriate temperature and holding time. It is usually set using the temperature control system in the furnace.

5. Heating process: Start the heating system and gradually increase the temperature to the set temperature. According to the characteristics and requirements of the material, different heating rates and holding times can be selected.

6. Heat preservation process: When the temperature reaches the set value, keep a certain time for heat preservation. The holding time is set according to the material requirements and heating curve.

7. Cooling process: After the insulation is finished, turn off the heating system and let the furnace body cool naturally to room temperature. Fast cooling or slow cooling can be selected according to your needs.

8. Take out the sample: After the furnace body has cooled to a safe temperature, open the furnace door and take out the sample that has been carbonized. Observe safe operation to avoid burns or other injuries.

9. Cleaning and maintenance: clean the residue and carbonization products in the furnace chamber to keep the furnace body clean. Regular inspection and maintenance of heating elements and temperature control system to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

It should be noted that the specific operation method may vary according to different carbonization furnace models and equipment characteristics, so before operation, you should carefully read and comply with the operation manual and safety specifications of the equipment. At the same time, pay attention to safety during operation and wear appropriate protective equipment to avoid burns and other injuries.

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