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Operation Method And Precautions of Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace

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Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is a kind of equipment used for sintering materials, the operation method and precautions are as follows:

Operation method:

1. Sample preparation: Prepare the material sample to be sintered to ensure that it meets the experimental requirements and requirements.

2. Furnace cleaning: Ensure that the interior of the furnace chamber is clean, without impurities and residues;

3. Load the sample: Put the sample into the sample tray or container of the sintering furnace, pay attention to the location and arrangement of the sample to ensure the uniform distribution of the sample.

4. Seal the furnace chamber: seal the furnace chamber well to ensure the vacuum environment in the furnace chamber.

5. Vacuum: Turn on the vacuum pump and pull out the gas in the furnace chamber until the required vacuum degree is reached.

6. Heating control: According to the experimental requirements, set the heating temperature and holding time of the sintering furnace, and ensure the stability and uniformity of the temperature.

7. Pressure control: According to the experimental requirements, set the pressure of the sintering furnace for hot pressing sintering.

8. Cooling: After sintering, the furnace chamber is cooled to room temperature, which can be cooled by cooling system or natural cooling.

9. Take out the sample: after the furnace chamber is completely cooled, open the furnace door and take out the sintered sample.


1. Safe operation: Operators should wear protective clothing and protective glasses to avoid direct contact with high-temperature furnace body and samples in the furnace.

2. Vacuum pump use: Ensure that the vacuum pump works normally, check and maintain in time to ensure the requirements of the vacuum degree in the furnace chamber.

3. Temperature control: the temperature of the sintering furnace should be accurately controlled according to the experimental requirements, too high or too low temperature may lead to unsatisfactory sintering effect.

4. Pressure control: In the process of hot pressing sintering, appropriate pressure control should be carried out according to the experimental requirements and sample characteristics to avoid uneven sintering of the sample caused by too high or too low pressure.

5. Experimental time control: According to the experimental requirements and sample characteristics, control the heating time and holding time to avoid excessive sintering or burning of the sample.

6. Emergency measures: In the course of the experiment, if there is an accident or abnormal situation, the experiment should be immediately stopped and appropriate emergency measures should be taken to ensure the safety of the operator.

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