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Operating procedure of vacuum hot press furnace

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The vacuum hot press furnace is a cyclic recovery operation widely used for cemented carbide.

 It works by protecting functional ceramics and powder metallurgy from hot pressing 

and sintering as well as hot pressing and sintering and filling under gas under high temperature 

and high vacuum conditions. So the operation procedure of vacuum hot pressure furnace is particularly important.

1. Ensure the normal placement and operation of the vacuum hot press furnace

It is necessary to ensure that the equipment is stably placed, that all knobs and valves are closed, 

and that the heating chamber is clean before opening the vacuum hot press furnace. 

Whether the water, electricity, air source is working properly, etc., make sure that every part is working properly.

 Wealth and safety requirements.

Second, make sure the display is correct again

Please confirm whether there is an alarm instruction after the electrical control cabinet is started, 

and the digital display of each instrument is correct and stable, which is also the reconfirmation of safe operation.

Three, follow certain steps

After operating the vacuum hot press furnace, turn off the function knob first, and then press the "control power switch" button. 

Press the "Shut down Computer" button on the operation panel of the industrial control interface.

 When vacuuming the hot pressure furnace, open the coarse suction valve, open the rotary pump and 

the front valve, and open the Kairutz pump and diffusion pump when the vacuum degree is below 6.OE+2Pa. 

When the vacuum degree is lower than OE+OPa, close the crude suction valve and open the main valve. 

In reverse order, first close the main valve, open the coarse suction valve, close the diffusion pump and Roots pump, 

close the front valve and the rotary vane pump after the diffusion pump has cooled, then close the coarse suction valve.

Four, always pay attention to the normal work of the machine

In addition to regularly cleaning the dust and foreign matter in the electrical control cabinet, 

but also pay attention to the need to replace parts, at this time do not open the electrical control cabinet of non-professional personnel. 

And shut down the system after the vacuum hot press furnace is running. 

Daily life also needs to keep the heating chamber clean and dry. Only in this way can the machine work effectively.

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