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Low temperature carbonizing furnace environmental protection refuse treatment

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Low temperature carbonization furnace environmental protection type waste treatment:

Low temperature carbonization furnace itself with deodorization, smoke treatment equipment. It avoids waste incineration, ammonia oxide and other pollutants emissions. The gas emissions are odorless and harmless, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Low temperature carbonization furnace is a new type of carbonization technology equipment for the treatment of combustible solid waste (garbage) based on gasification and cracking technology. Its basic working principle is in the carbonization furnace through a small amount of magnetized air, so that the treatment of combustible solid waste thermal decomposition, and then the heat generated for solid waste for continuous carbonization. Because the magnetized air makes the treated material indirectly magnetized, thus reducing the energy required for carbonization, so the carbonization efficiency is improved. When working, the temperature in the furnace is controlled at 250℃~280℃, which basically avoids the generation. Carbonization process without any fuel, is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving new equipment.

The combustible solid waste is put into the carbonization furnace for continuous carbonization, which can be completely processed in 8-12 hours. The ceramic ash accounting for less than 1% of the total volume of solid waste treatment is generated, and the volume reduction reaches more than 99%. Low temperature carbonization furnace uses a number of Zli technology, under the premise of sealed oxygen free low temperature carbonization solid waste, has the advantages of reduction, low energy consumption, less investment, small footprint and so on.

Low temperature carbonization furnace has a wide treatment range:

It can handle most of the garbage (industrial waste, plastic waste, wood, paper, cotton and other combustible garbage), and the final product is ceramic ash.

Low-temperature carbonization furnace products can be reused:

The input of combustible household refuse will be turned into 1/100 carbonized ceramic ash after treatment (if the garbage that cannot be disposed of such as metals is mixed with it, it will remain in its original state and be discharged). Ceramic ash can be used in building materials, insulation, and as an agricultural fertilizer.

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