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How to choose a vacuum sintering furnace correctly?

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Vacuum sintering furnace is a furnace that uses induction heating to sintering the heated items in protection.

 It can be divided into power frequency, medium frequency, high frequency and other types, 

which can be classified as the subcategories of vacuum furnace. The equipment can do feeding, 

temperature measurement, sampling, melting, casting, cooling, ingot under the condition of no vacuum damage, 

and has refining stirring, can achieve the uniform alloy composition and other functions, is to realize the semi-continuous production mode

 and automatic mold production of modern metallurgical equipment.

When choosing a vacuum sintering furnace, do you know how you choose a vacuum sintering furnace is Z appropriate?

In the temperature distinction there is an ordinary temperature below 1200℃, there is a medium temperature between 1200-1600℃, 

and there is a high temperature above 1700℃. There are also like to be divided according to the level of vacuum, 

can be divided into low vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum sintering furnace.

There are many ways to choose vacuum sintering furnace, you can choose your own according to your own needs.

Selection of heat insulation screen: heat insulation screen is the main component of vacuum sintering furnace heating chamber,

 its main function is heat insulation, heat preservation and reduce heat loss, but also the structure of the fixed heater foundation. 

Therefore, the selection of the structure form and material of the heat shield has a great influence on the power and performance of the vacuum sintering furnace

 (such as vacuum degree, venting rate, etc.). Insulation screen is basically divided into metal insulation screen and non-metallic insulation screen two types. 

The structure is divided into full metal insulation screen, sandwich insulation screen, graphite felt insulation screen and mixed felt insulation screen.

 The selection of heat shield mainly depends on the sintering temperature, the physical and chemical characteristics of the product

 and the vacuum degree requirements.The choice of vacuum system: the commonly used vacuum configuration has the following several, 

* one is low vacuum configuration, configuration for mechanical pump (rotary vane pump or slide valve pump) the second is medium vacuum configuration, configuration Roots pump and mechanical pump (rotary vane pump or slide valve pump) combination; The third is the high vacuum configuration, which is generally configured as diffusion pump + Roots pump + mechanical pump (rotary vane pump or slide valve pump); The fourth type is turbomolecular pump + Roots pump + mechanical pump (rotary vane pump or slide valve pump). The choice of vacuum system mainly depends on the degree of working vacuum.

Choice of cooling system: The cooling methods of vacuum sintering furnace designed and manufactured by our company can be divided into natural cooling and forced cooling, and forced cooling is divided into internal circulation cooling and external circulation cooling. The aeration medium is usually high purity nitrogen or argon.

Having said so much, do you know how to choose? If you still have questions, you can contact us to ensure that you have a suitable choice.

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