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How is graphitizing furnace graphitized purification?

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Vacuum purification furnace can be used for continuous high temperature graphitization purification of graphite powder, and can realize the combination of high temperature method and chemical method. Applicable to new energy vehicles, semiconductors, new materials and other fields.

Vacuum graphitization furnace is a high-performance intelligent heating furnace introduced by our engineering and technical personnel to digest and absorb foreign advanced temperature measurement, temperature control technology, intelligence, new material technology and furnace design technology. Suitable for high temperature treatment of materials (carbonization, graphitization, high temperature degreasing, impurity removal, etc.) under vacuum or gas protection.

Graphitization purification of graphitization furnace:

Graphite purification methods are mainly divided into two categories: first, wet purification, including acid-base method, flotation method, hydrofluoric acid method; Two, fire purification, including high temperature method and chlorination roasting method.

Method of flotation

Flotation method: enrichment and purification of graphite with floatability is mainly suitable for natural flake graphite with good floatability. The concentrate grade of graphite ore purified by flotation is usually about 90%, sometimes even up to 94-95%.

Acid base method

Acid-base method is also called alkali-acid method, also known as sodium oxygen oxidation method or solution-alkali method. The purification process includes alkaline solution process and acid hydrolysis process

Hydrofluoric acid method: The use of hydrofluoric acid can react with almost all impurities in graphite, generate water-soluble compounds and volatiles, and then wash with water to remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of purification

The principle of high temperature purification is that the boiling point of impurities in graphite is lower than that of graphite. When the temperature rises to the boiling point of impurities, the impurities will evaporate, so as to achieve the purpose of impurity removal. 3200 degrees ultra-high temperature graphitization furnace is a kind of ultra-high temperature production equipment with domestic leading technology developed by our engineering and technical staff under the strong support of domestic research institutes and universities. The maximum operating temperature of the equipment is as high as 3000℃.

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