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How To Operate The Sintering Furnace Correctly

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The graphite cracking furnace is an advanced experimental equipment for the diffusion welding of metals, nano, single crystal silicon, polysilicon, cells, etc., and heating equipment for heat treatment under vacuum conditions. It is mainly used for material testing, synthesis, sintering, etc. The furnace has good insulation performance and a good energy-saving effect. Here's how to operate a graphite cracking furnace properly!

Here is the content list:

  • Understanding the operation of sintering furnaces

  • How should the sintering furnace be operated correctly?

  • What do I need to pay attention to when using it?

Understanding the operation of sintering furnaces

The heating temperature of a graphite cracking furnace is one of the important process parameters of the heat treatment process. The selection and control of the heating temperature is the main issue in ensuring the quality of heat treatment. The heating temperature varies with the metal material being treated and the purpose of the heat treatment. However, they are generally heated above the phase transformation temperature to obtain high-temperature organization. In addition, the transformation takes a certain amount of time. Therefore, when the surface of the metal workpiece reaches the required heating temperature, the graphite cracking furnace chamber has the insulation properties to maintain a certain time at this temperature. This results in a consistent temperature inside and outside. Oxygen-free sintering furnaces use high energy density heating and surface heat treatment, heating speed, generally there is no insulation time. In contrast, the holding time for chemical heat treatment is often longer.

How should the sintering furnace be operated correctly?

1. Check the gas water seal liquid level and keep the full flow retreat pipe of the graphite cracking furnace clear.

2. Check whether the gas pipe is waterlogged, if there is waterlogging, it should be dealt with promptly.

3. Pay attention to confirming the temperature condition of the test sample in the test area.

4. Observe the convection section of the graphite cracking furnace and the radiation section of the oil and gas pipeline for red rupture or deformation. The furnace insulation layer is not damaged, if there are abnormalities in time to deal with.

5. The thermal conductivity of the installation and support frame of the sample should be low to ensure that the test sample is in an adiabatic state with the installation and support frame.

6. Removing the test specimen quickly after the temperature test equipment has been tested can cause unnecessary stress on the specimen and may give unexpected results. Therefore, the sample must be removed only after the test sample has cooled to ambient temperature.

What do I need to pay attention to when using it?

1. The graphite cracking furnace should be placed on a flat surface and should not show significant booms and fluctuations during use.

2. The ambient temperature should be within the range of +5~40℃; the relative humidity should not be greater than 60, and there should be no conductive dust, blasting gas, and corrosive gas that can seriously damage the metal and the absolute.

3. The distance between the heated workpiece and the heating element in the graphite cracking furnace should be not less than 50 mm. It is not suitable to put in chemicals containing acid, alkaline or intense oxidants, and not allowed to burn in the furnace with the risk of blasting items.

4. Regularly carry out all kinds of checks. For example, the wiring of each part of the sintering furnace is not loose, the contact of the communication contactor is not outstanding, etc., when there is a fault should be time to correct it to prevent damage to other aspects.

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