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High temperature vacuum sintering furnace daily use skills

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High temperature vacuum sintering furnace uses low voltage and high current stone vacuum container. 

When the current conductor in the vacuum container is at a high voltage, glow discharge will occur. 

In the vacuum heat treatment furnace, arc discharge will be generated in serious cases, 

burning the heat insulation layer of electric heating element, etc., resulting in major accidents and loss reports. Generally, 

it is not more than 80-100 volts. At the same time, effective measures should be taken in the structural design of electric heating components, 

such as avoiding some parts as far as possible and spacing between electrodes should not be too narrow to prevent glow discharge or arc discharge.

Do not overload the use of chain sintering furnace, because the internal alloy element high service temperature is limited, 

and the temperature refers to the element in the dry air allowed surface temperature, does not include the temperature of 

the heating material or the temperature around the heating element.

A process in which an electric arc is used to heat and melt metals under vacuum conditions. 

The electrodes used in this process are either expendable or non-expendable. 

The consumable electrode is made of the material to be smelted (i.e. the charge, which is gradually consumed during the smelting process), 

while the non-consumable electrode system is made of a high melting point material such as tungsten,

 which is basically not consumed during the smelting process of the charge.

High temperature vacuum sintering furnace with consumable electrode vacuum arc furnace is called consumable electrode arc furnace,

 referred to as consumable furnace; Vacuum arc furnace using non-consumable electrode is called non-consumable electrode arc furnace, 

referred to as non-consumable furnace, non-consumable electrode melting has been less used, 

and consumable electrode melting is widely used in production practice, vacuum arc melting crucible made of copper, 

outside water cooling, known as water-cooled copper crystallizer.

Daily use skills of high temperature vacuum sintering furnace:

1. Check whether all parts and accessories in the control cabinet are complete and intact.

2. The control cabinet is installed on the corresponding foundation and fixed.

3, insulation resistance should not be less than 2 megohm.

4, check the electrical movable part should be free of movement, no card phenomenon.

5, according to the wiring diagram, and refer to the electrical schematic diagram, 

connect the external main circuit and control circuit, and reliable grounding, to ensure the connection is correct.

6. The valves of the vacuum electric furnace must be in the closed position.

7. The control power switch is placed in the off position.

8, manual pressure control knob counterclockwise rotation head.

9, alarm button on the open position.

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