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Heat treatment equipment - powder metallurgy sintering furnace

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Powder metallurgy sintering furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment that uses metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw material to make metal or alloy parts through forming and sintering. Mainly used for pressing and forming iron base, copper base and other related powder metallurgy products. Type sintering furnace is mainly electric furnace.

Electric pulverized sintering furnace is divided into resistance sintering furnace and induction sintering furnace, resistance sintering furnace is used more. Resistance sintering furnace is an electric furnace which converts electric energy into heat energy through electric heating element for sintering. Induction sintering furnace is an electric furnace that uses electromagnetic induction to excite a current in a metal to heat it. Non-metallurgical sintering furnace uses metal and alloy as electric heating element resistance sintering furnace, according to the material and shape of electric heating element, can be divided into molybdenum wire furnace, tungsten wire furnace, tungsten rod furnace, molybdenum sheet furnace, tantalum sheet furnace, nickel chromium wire furnace and iron chromium aluminum wire furnace. One of the representative is molybdenum wire furnace, which is widely used. Molybdenum wire sintering furnace working temperature 1500℃, commonly used for sintering powder metallurgy materials and products, especially sintered carbide. If vacuum is needed, vacuum molybdenum wire furnace and vacuum tungsten rod furnace can be made.

In non-metallurgical sintering furnace, pressure is needed and pressure sintering furnace is used. This kind of furnace is mainly used for sintering thin layer products such as powder metallurgy friction plate. Bell jar furnace is a typical pressure sintering furnace.

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