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Heat Treatment Equipment And Development Trend

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1. Introduction:

Heat treatment equipment refers to equipment used to implement heat treatment processes. In the heat treatment workshop, there are fuel, electricity, water, gas and other power supply equipment needed to maintain heat treatment production, lifting and transportation equipment and production safety and environmental protection equipment.

1.1 Classification of heat treatment equipment:

Usually the equipment to complete the heat treatment process operation is called the main equipment, and the equipment necessary to support the main equipment and maintain the production is called the auxiliary equipment.

Classification of heat treatment equipment

Main equipment: heat treatment furnace, heating device, surface modification device, surface oxidation device, surface mechanical strengthening device, quenching and cooling equipment, cold treatment equipment, process parameter detection, control instrument;

Auxiliary equipment: cleaning and cleaning equipment, furnace atmosphere, heating medium, permeating agent preparation equipment, quenching medium circulation cooling device, lifting and transportation equipment, quality testing equipment, power transmission pipeline and auxiliary equipment, fire prevention, dust removal and other production safety equipment;

Fixtures, etc.

Heat treatment technology is the main component of mechanical manufacturing technology, is an important process measure to strengthen metal materials, play its potential capacity, is to ensure and improve the quality of mechanical products and life of the key technology. Heat treatment is mainly used in many fields such as auto parts, mechanical base parts, aerospace equipment, new energy equipment and so on. The rapid development of downstream demand provides a good development opportunity for the development of heat treatment industry.

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