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Graphitizing furnace manufacturers take you to understand graphitizing furnace

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Graphitization furnace, mainly used for carbon materials sintering and graphitization, PI film graphitization, heat conduction materials graphitization, carbon fiber rope sintering, carbon fiber filament sintered graphitization, graphite powder purification and other materials can be graphitized in the carbon environment and other high temperature treatment. Its use temperature is up to 3000℃ (high temperature graphitization furnace). High production efficiency, energy saving. The life of graphitization furnace depends on the nature of refractory materials. Today, the manufacturer of vacuum graphitization furnace will make a simple analysis.

From the understanding of the graphitization furnace body, the furnace shell is made of ordinary carbon steel plate rolling, the shell uses special refractory materials as thermal insulation materials, generally composed of heat resistant layer, heat insulation layer and protective layer. The life of the graphitizing furnace depends on the properties of the refractory. In order to ensure the air tightness of the furnace, the inner surface of the refractory lining must be built round and smooth, otherwise it will affect the air tightness of the lining and not be resistant to air erosion. In addition, there are temperature holes and pressure holes on the furnace.

When the graphitization furnace is used, it is necessary to pay great attention to the temperature changes of rapid cooling and rapid heating. When the production is stopped for maintenance, such as the furnace can not use gas or other heat sources to keep warm, it must be tightly blocked before and after the furnace body to prevent the furnace from cracking due to rapid cooling. Prevent metal from entering the furnace and contacting corundum lining, because metal and corundum materials form low-melting eutectic, which reduces the refractorability and makes the furnace local melting. Cooling water jacket should be designed reasonably to prevent local overheating and burning out, and to avoid water entering the furnace and blasting the furnace body. In addition, the carbon black filling material should not be damp. Graphitization furnace must be covered, flue gas should be treated to meet the standards before discharge.

The graphitization furnace comprises a graphitization treatment furnace, and the graphitization treatment furnace has a furnace with an inlet and an outlet, and the inlet of the furnace is connected with a feed gas replacement device, which comprises a feed gas replacement chamber and a first gas replacement assembly for replacing the gas in the feed replacement chamber. The feed replacement bin is provided with a feed port, a discharge port, a first valve for controlling the opening and closing of the feed replacement bin and a second valve for controlling the opening and closing of the feed replacement bin. The discharge port of the feed replacement bin is connected with the inlet of the furnace. The graphitization furnace can reduce the effect of harmful gases on the graphitization of materials, improve the quality of products, and can carry out continuous graphitization of materials.

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