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Experimental high temperature graphitization furnace is easy to operate and maintain

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With the discovery and deep application of carbon nanotubes, new carbon nanomaterials, flexible graphite, graphene and other new carbon materials and carbon series materials, they form an important and rapidly developing family, and a variety of new carbon materials continue to emerge. Scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions, in the development of new carbon materials is also spare no effort, for the new carbon/carbon material industry specially launched a product, for university laboratories, scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions of an experimental graphitization furnace

Experimental high temperature graphitization furnace is a cylinder heating area, vertical up-discharge induction heating furnace. This model can reach the ultra-high processing temperature of 3000°C, which is the ideal choice for the development and research of various new materials. The furnace is simple to operate and easy to maintain, saving time and expense for research projects.

Experimental graphitization furnace use temperature is high, the use temperature of graphitization furnace can reach 3100℃, the use temperature of 2800℃. Can complete the task of graphite purification;

1, the furnace body is well sealed, fully sealed structure, with vacuum pumping system and argon replacement system, to protect the purity of the gas in the furnace body;

2, energy saving, electromagnetic induction heating method, direct heating of graphite boat, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.

3, heating rate up to 600℃/h(low temperature faster);

4, the use of special infrared temperature measurement technology, PID subsection program control temperature curve. Temperature control, small error.

5, high safety, using double stainless steel shell, sandwich water cooling, shell temperature below 50℃. With air pressure, water pressure and high temperature alarm, with over pressure deflator.

Application of experimental high temperature graphitization furnace:

Experimental high temperature graphitization furnace is used for phosphorus sheet graphite, carbon material structural parts (products), C/C composite products, carbon material carbon purification, and other graphite materials high temperature graphitization. Other materials that can be sintered and melted in a carbon environment.

Needle coke graphite purification, carbon materials, synthetic graphite film (polyimide graphite sheet acronym PI film), heat conduction materials, carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber, carbon/carbon composite materials, graphene heat treatment, lithium battery anode material heat treatment, gas phase growth carbon fiber anode material treatment, carbon nanotubes purification and iron removal process, high temperature ceramic sintering, other needs in the graphite hot zone (including Carbon environment) sintered or fused material.

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