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Do you want to know the knowledge of these two vacuum sintering furnaces?

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The factors affecting the temperature transfer of vacuum sintering furnace include the following:

In the planning of the intensity roar of the internal heat element in the vacuum sintering furnace,

 the primary choice is the internal heat source. The internal heat source generates heat, 

and the temperature is transferred from the inside out. Its strength directly affects the temperature distribution in the furnace.

 It can be seen that when the inner heat source roar is higher, the temperature of a certain point is higher, 

and the distribution area (r) of a certain temperature difference (△T) is larger. 

Therefore, in the process of practical production, the temperature distribution in the furnace can be controlled by

 controlling the external load of the core, that is, the power of the core.

The interval between the response material and the core (△r), when the power of the core must be punctual,

 that is, the intensity of the internal heat source must be punctual, the farther the response material is from the interval core, 

the lower the temperature, the temperature can not reach the required response temperature. The closer the interval core is,

 the higher the temperature is, the better the reaction will be. The heat dissipation function of vacuum sintering furnace charge,

 the better the heat dissipation function of the charge, the faster the internal heat is lost, the heat is easily lost in the reaction material, 

causing the temperature of a certain point to drop.

In the specific operation of vacuum sintering furnace, how can we reduce the danger point to a very low level?

Vacuum furnace operators know to start the vacuum furnace power supply, the control cabinet switch is set in the automatic control position. 

The parameters of the vacuum sintering furnace process are input into the computer. 

Then the workpiece is smoothly sent into the furnace with a charging trolley, 

and the furnace door is closed and locked to ensure the sealing.

Select the cooling medium, cooling mode and pressure of vacuum sintering furnace according to the technological requirements.

 Press the cycle start button, the equipment execution program: vacuum - heating - cooling automatic completion.

 Remember to check the normal operation of each system of the equipment at any time, 

if there is any abnormal report to the foreman for handling. Before the oven,

 the normal pressure in the furnace should be restored, and the furnace door should be opened after the indicator light is normal.

 When unloading, should be carefully operated, workpiece and tooling are not collision furnace.

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