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Daily maintenance characteristics of ultra high temperature graphitizing furnace

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Ultra-high temperature graphitization furnace is a kind of horizontal graphitization furnace with industrial production, mainly used in the sintering of carbon materials and graphitization, PI film graphitization, heat conduction materials graphitization, carbon fiber rope sintering, carbon fiber filament sintered graphitization and other materials that can be graphitized in carbon environment. Compared with the conventional vertical graphitization furnace, its working principle is the same, mainly has the advantages of convenient loading and unloading materials, convenient cleaning in the furnace, easier for workshop patrol personnel to control the running state, daily maintenance and easy to replace the easy-to-use parts in the furnace, and so on. Compared with the vertical graphitization furnace, its cost has increased slightly.

Compared with the internal series graphitization furnace and Acheson graphitization furnace, the disadvantages are small loading amount, but it has the advantages of uniform temperature, small production cycle, easy to achieve project environmental assessment, timely installation of graphitization furnace temperature measuring device, and practical hydraulic pressure under special circumstances.

Main features:

1. The equipment has a high degree of automation. All switch components and all operating parameters of the equipment are stored in the PLC database in digital form, and the communication interface can be reserved for customers to connect.

2. The ultra-high temperature furnace body within 3000℃ can meet the graphitization treatment of various carbon materials.

3, the use of internal circulation pure water cooling system; Digital flow monitoring system, furnace body conversion using high performance intermediate frequency contactor; Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system.

4. Completely solve the ablative sinking problem of the internal crucible of horizontal graphitization furnace. The measured production is 60 times, and only 5mm is sunk.

5, the use of digital display intelligent temperature control system, automatic and high precision to complete the temperature control process, the system can be heated according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 a total of 400 sections of different process heating curve.

6, the special induction coil using 5 times insulation treatment, completely solve the induction coil or need high temperature insulation application problems, to ensure that the coil in the case of corundum aging, cracking can still maintain good insulation performance, can effectively prevent the coil ignition, current leakage phenomenon.

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