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Characteristics and structure of hot pressing sintering furnace introduction

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Vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace

Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., LTD. Introduce the structure characteristics of hot pressing sintering furnace:  

The hot pressing sintering furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace cover, heat preservation barrel, hydraulic device, support and machine tool, heating element and power supply, vacuum system, water cooling system and temperature measurement system.  

(1) The furnace body is made of stainless steel, with double layer structure, divided into inner and outer barrel body, and the bottom head is processed by spinning process.  Because the force produced by the hot pressing device should be borne by the furnace body, the furnace body must have high strength and enough stiffness, and must not be deformed under external force and high temperature.  The center line of the fixed seat of the bottom dynamic sealing device must be vertical with the flannel plate on the furnace body to ensure the straightness of the movement of the lower push rod.  The fixed seat of dynamic dense soil sealing device has good cooling condition to prolong the service life of seals.  

(2) The furnace cover of hot pressing sintering furnace is composed of the furnace cover body, lifting oil cylinder and upper pressure head.  Furnace cover is double layer structure, in order to withstand the pressure of the lower push rod, must have sufficient strength and stiffness.  The lower end of the upper pressure head is in the high temperature zone when working, and must be forced cooling.  

(3) The heat preservation barrel is composed of heat insulation barrel, reflecting barrel, insulation layer and barrel body. The heating body can be made of graphite rod, molybdenum sheet and nickel cauter belt, and the heat preservation can be made of graphite felt, tungsten and molybdenum and stainless steel.  The metal screen reflective barrel made of tungsten and molybdenum sheet mainly resists the radiant heat produced by heating element to avoid pollution damage to materials.  

(4) The hot pressing device consists of a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a lifting oil cylinder, a lower push rod and a controller.  Hydraulic station has two pressure output, one is to drive the furnace cover up and down movement, the other is to drive the hot pressure cylinder movement.  Hot pressure cylinder control has two ways, manual or automatic.  Automatic operation, according to the set pressure automatic pressure, so that the product is always in constant pressure state.  Speed adjustment range of cylinder movement.  The hot pressure cylinder must have high stability and can not shake when it is working under load.  The motion quality of hot-pressed cylinder is one of the important conditions for producing high quality products.  The lower push rod is a part with load movement in the high temperature area. It bears the effect of high pressure and high temperature and moves in the high temperature area.  It is required to be neither deformed nor oxidized at high temperatures.  Therefore, it must have good cooling conditions and dynamic sealing performance.

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