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Characteristics and application of vacuum hot press furnace

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Vacuum furnace is mainly used for universities, scientific research institutions and other metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds, nanomaterials in vacuum or protective atmosphere for pressure heating sintering treatment, in order to obtain consistent products.

Characteristics of vacuum hot press furnace:

1. During hot pressing, the powder is in a thermoplastic state, the deformation resistance is small, and the molding pressure is small.

2. Due to heating and pressure at the same time, it is conducive to the contact, diffusion and flow mass transfer of powder particles, which can reduce the sintering temperature and shorten the sintering time, thus inhibiting the grain growth.

3. Hot pressing sintering is completed under vacuum condition, and the sintered body has low porosity, high densification degree and fine grain, and the mechanical and electrical properties of the product are good.

Application of vacuum hot press furnace:

Powder metallurgy industry

It is mainly used to improve the properties of powder metallurgy products. Applicable materials include metal matrix composites and various target materials.

Ceramic industry

Used in the preparation of difficult-to-form materials. Such as silicon nitride ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, etc.

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