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Application and advantage of pneumatic sintering furnace

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The pneumatic sintering furnace uses high purity graphite as heating body, thermocouple as temperature measuring element and precision digital display program temperature control instrument to control temperature, which can realize automatic program rise and fall of furnace temperature. By vacuumizing the furnace, the sample can be vacuum sintered. At the same time, the protective atmosphere or reaction atmosphere can be injected into the furnace for high temperature sintering. The equipment is widely used in the sintering test of structural ceramics, functional ceramics, hard alloys, bioceramics, artificial crystals, composite materials and so on.

Structure of pneumatic sintering furnace: electric furnace is composed of shell, furnace lining, furnace cover and lifting device, vacuum system, nitrogen charging system, temperature control and temperature measuring device.

Application of air pressure sintering furnace:

This sintering furnace is a periodic operation, the structure of similar products from abroad, pneumatic fast open the furnace cover. Suitable for sintering silicon nitride ceramic ball, ceramic cutter and other materials in high pressure nitrogen or argon atmosphere. It is beneficial to increase the sintering density of materials and improve the mechanical properties of materials.

Advantages of pneumatic sintering furnace:

1. The furnace has compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, fast cooling speed, energy saving and environmental protection

2. The production equipment size is complete, from laboratory research and development furnace, to the factory trial furnace, to the mass production furnace can be provided, other intermediate size can be designed according to the requirements of users.

3 Graphite box can be round or square, for different applications can be free to choose.

4. Dewaxing method is complete, whether rubber, paraffin or extrusion product forming agent, can be removed by different methods, high wax rate.

5. High degree of automation, one key start; Dual industrial computer operating system, safe and reliable.

6 control system to achieve automatic control and data record backup function, the operating system is more user-friendly, powerful.

7. The insulation cylinder has a long life and adopts a specially designed sandwich structure. The inside and outside of the cylinder are made of CFC material with very high strength.

8. The door of the insulation cylinder adopts special step design to ensure the insulation effect (reduce energy consumption) and improve the life of the insulation cylinder.

9. The furnace can realize remote control, fault diagnosis and repair work.

10. Electrode arc monitoring system to prevent serious damage to the furnace shell.

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