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Application And Application of Graphitization Furnace

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Experimental graphitization furnace is a kind of heating equipment used in the laboratory, mainly used for high temperature treatment, graphitization and graphitization reaction experiments.

Its main uses include:

1. Graphitization: heating non-graphite materials (such as ceramics, metals, etc.) to high temperatures to transform them into graphite materials with better electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

2. Graphitization reaction: the chemical substance or mixture is heated to high temperature to make it graphitization reaction, such as carbonization reaction, oxidation reaction, etc.

3. High temperature treatment: used for high temperature treatment of materials, such as annealing, sintering, carbonization, etc.

The method of use is as follows:

1. Put the sample to be treated into the graphitization furnace, paying attention to the location and quantity of the sample.

2. Adjust the temperature and time of the graphitization furnace, and set the appropriate temperature and time parameters according to the experimental requirements.

3. Turn on the power supply of the graphitization furnace, start the heating device, and gradually increase the temperature in the furnace.

4. According to the experimental requirements, observe and record the changes of the sample, such as color, shape, texture, etc.

5. After the graphitization or high temperature treatment is completed, turn off the power supply of the graphitization furnace and wait for the temperature in the furnace to drop to the safe range.

6. Take out the sample for subsequent analysis or testing.

When using the graphitization furnace, it is necessary to pay attention to safety matters, such as wearing protective gloves, glasses and other personal protective equipment, avoid touching the furnace body and samples in the furnace, and avoid burning the high-temperature furnace body. At the same time, according to different experimental requirements, the temperature and time parameters of the graphitization furnace are reasonably selected to avoid the sample overheating or prolonged heating leading to damage.

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