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Analysis of two types of continuous graphitizing furnace

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Continuous graphitization furnace is a furnace that produces graphitized products in a continuous production mode. Acheson furnace is widely used, but it is periodic production of intermittent furnace, because of the discontinuous production, such as low productivity, quality fluctuations, high power consumption, bad operating environment and other shortcomings.

There are two types of continuous furnace, one is a single function of graphitization furnace, that is, after roasting carbon products, after continuous furnace, can continuously produce graphitization products, called single furnace. The other is the multifunctional combined type, that is, the combined roasting graphitization two processes as one and the press type, roasting, graphitization three processes as one of the triple type furnace.

Continuous graphitization furnace is an advanced production of carbon products equipment, it has many advantages compared with intermittent graphitization furnace:

1, reduce heavy manual labor, easy to realize mechanization, continuous operation.

2, improve product quality, because each piece of product heating conditions are the same, so the product quality is uniform. Reduce the handling times of products, the phenomenon of edge and Angle can be greatly reduced.

3, improve the working conditions, the operator is not in direct contact with the insulation material, and easy to eliminate smoke and dust.

4, reduce the consumption of insulation material, a time to add can be sealed.

Directions of continuous graphitization furnace:

Continuous graphitization furnace is used for high temperature treatment and graphitization of carbon structural parts (products), c/c composite products, carbon fiber products, sintered graphitization of carbon fiber filament and other materials that can be sintered and melted in a carbon environment.

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