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Analysis of sintering process in air - pressure sintering furnace

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The vacuum system of pneumatic sintering furnace is composed of single stage vacuum pump, vacuum butterfly valve and vacuum pipe, etc. The vacuum pump is equipped with electromagnetic discharge valve to avoid oil return after power failure. The inflation and pressure control system is composed of automatic detection, automatic control of pressure and pressure reduction, and overpressure, sound and light alarm and other safety devices. The pneumatic sintering furnace is equipped with a pressure limiting automatic exhaust solenoid valve. When the furnace pressure exceeds a certain pressure value, the solenoid valve automatically exhausts, so that the furnace pressure is stable on the working pressure.

The reasonable heating and heat insulation structure of pneumatic sintering furnace and excellent material ensure the uniformity of temperature in the furnace under pressure and vacuum condition. Adopt imported original temperature measuring element, accurate temperature measurement. The computer is used to realize automatic control of temperature and pressure, and the PLC is used to realize safety interlock. It has the function of sound and light alarm and interlock over pressure, over temperature and water temperature. Adopt imported fully automatic valve to realize fully automatic pressure control. This product is a cycle operation type, quick action to open the furnace cover. Suitable for sintering silicon nitride ceramic ball, ceramic cutter and other materials in high pressure nitrogen or argon atmosphere. It is beneficial to increase the sintering density of materials and improve the mechanical properties of materials.

Structure of pneumatic sintering furnace: electric furnace is composed of shell, furnace lining, furnace cover and lifting device, vacuum system, nitrogen charging system, temperature control and temperature measuring device.

The air pressure sintering furnace uses high purity graphite as heating body, WRe thermocouple as temperature measuring element and precision digital display program temperature control instrument to control temperature, which can realize automatic program rise and fall of furnace temperature. By vacuumizing the furnace, the sample can be vacuum sintered. At the same time, the protective atmosphere or reaction atmosphere can be injected into the furnace for high temperature sintering. The equipment is widely used in the sintering test of structural ceramics, functional ceramics, hard alloys, bioceramics, artificial crystals, composite materials and so on.

The sintering process of barometric sintering furnace is to heat the sintered material under negative pressure to make it grow. Sintering at atmospheric pressure, so that it reaches the fatigue state, so that the material in the pore to achieve a closed state; Finally, it is sintered under high pressure to further increase the fatigue state of the material and quickly eliminate the stress in the material, so that the material is further consolidated and the remaining pores are removed. Therefore, after high temperature and high pressure sintering process, the mechanical properties of materials are better than ordinary sintering process.

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