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Advantages and special usage of vacuum induction melting furnace

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Vacuum induction melting is one of the most widely used methods in vacuum metallurgy. Such as nickel base, cobalt base, iron base and other superalloys are smelted by vacuum induction melting, and their thermal processing properties and mechanical properties are significantly improved. Elastic alloys, as well as expansion alloys, etc., are almost all smelted by vacuum induction melting, which can absolutely guarantee material properties and quality.

Metal materials (such as stainless steel, nickel base alloy, copper, alloy steel, nickel cobalt alloy, rare earth neodymium iron, etc.) are mainly smelted under vacuum or protective atmosphere. Alloy steel can also be vacuum refined and precision cast.

Vacuum induction melting furnace is a complete set of vacuum smelting equipment which can melt metal by using the principle of medium frequency induction heating under vacuum conditions. It is suitable for melting and casting of nickel base and its special steel, precision alloy, superalloy, rare earth metal, active metal, copper and copper alloy, hydrogen storage materials, Ndfeb, magnetic materials in vacuum or protective atmosphere in scientific research and production departments.

Advantages and special usage of vacuum induction melting furnace:

1, with over-temperature, over-pressure, under-voltage alarm function, and anti-misoperation interlock, interlock protection. Ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment;

2, vacuum pump with low noise energy-saving, pumping rate is large, high efficiency;

3, coil adopts special process, long life is not easy to deform;

4, the use of efficient power supply, reactive power loss is small, high efficiency;

5, the use of frequency conversion rotary casting device, the speed is continuously adjustable, can achieve the function of pouring multiple molds.

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