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Advantages and application range of vacuum sintering furnace in laboratory

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Vacuum sintering furnace refers to the vacuum furnace for protective sintering of heated items in a vacuum environment. 

There are many heating methods, such as resistance heating, induction heating, microwave heating, etc. 

The process using this method is generally called vacuum heat treatment process. In practice, 

because of its parts have no oxidation, no decarbonization, degassing, degreasing, good surface quality, small deformation,

 high general mechanical function, good reliability and a series of advantages, is known as high efficiency, energy saving 

and pollution-free clean heat treatment process in this world.

Advantages of vacuum sintering furnace in laboratory:

1, the equipment use temperature is high, can meet the customer more process requirements.

2, internal (external) circulation of high power fan fast cooling, greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Material selection is of high quality, equipment tightness is good, leakage rate is small, and pressure rise rate index is actually higher.

4. The interior of the furnace is made of stainless steel and other materials, especially suitable for hot working conditions under vacuum environment.

5. The vacuum index of vacuum sintering furnace varies greatly with different technological requirements. 

Our company can configure different vacuum systems according to customers' requirements. 

In order to adapt to sintering of powder materials, the vacuum system has the function of slow pumping.

6, ultra high temperature furnace temperature control adopts thermal lotus root and

 optical thermometer subsection measurement automatic conversion, intelligent temperature control instrument control temperature rise, 

constant temperature, cooling, automatic temperature control function. Temperature controller has process storage function, 

can store multiple different process curves with PID parameter self-calculation and power off protection function.

7, high-end digital intelligent vacuum gauge, and high quality measurement regulation, to ensure

 that the vacuum degree and temperature control chain, to meet the process requirements.

8, the whole process control by programmable controller (PLC) to complete, all actions are interlocked protection, 

can choose manual or automatic two ways of work, and equipped with reliable alarm and protection measures.

9. Provide various specifications of equipment according to different needs of users.

Chromium carbide vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for powder metallurgy products,

 including stainless steel base, hard alloy, super alloy, high specific gravity alloy, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, 

NdFeb and other sintering, metal annealing, new material development, organic material ashing, quality testing, also suitable for military,

 electronic, pharmaceutical, special materials and other production and experiment. Mainly used in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises.

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